The storage system with the easiest installation and endless opportunities

ENERFLEX is an energy storage system developed by Elektro-Mechanik Meisl. It is available a number of variations that flexibly serve the needs of almost any application:

  • Grid parallel for increasing PV self consumption and autarky
  • Zero feed-in
  • Emergency power supply (UPS function ≤20 ms)
  • Peakshaving e.g. in industrial systems
  • Off Grid power supply
  • NEW - ENERFLEX also for BMZ and BYD batteries availale!

      Details on request

ENERFLEX is based on a pre-installed mounting plate, which guarantees minimal installation effort. Pre-mounted and labelled terminals for input and output minimize the risk of mistakes during installation and commissioning. Grid monitoring is integrated in the inverter and the NS-protection certified e.g. for Germany. ENERFLEX systems can be combined with AC- and/or DC-coupled PV installations.

ENERFLEX systems with Meisl Battery (Murata/Sony, recommanded storage system):

 What ENERFLEX does

ENERFLEX measures PV power at the grid connecting point. Self-produced energy primarily powers the loads and loads the battery. When the PV can’t provide enough energy to power the loads, ENERFLEX provides the lacking energy from the battery. Thus consuming energy from the grid is avoided e.g. at night. In case of mains failure ENERFLEX completely powers the loads from the battery. ENERFLEX switches uninterruptible with an UPS function ≤20 ms. ENERFLEX is available as 1-phase and 3-phase system.