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Lithium-Iron-Phosphate storage technology at its best

  • Deapth of discharge 100% - without affecting the lifetime of the battery
  • Lifetime 20 years (>8.000 cycles with 100% DOD, 1C)
  • Tested cycle lifetime at 100% DOD: 71 % of initial capacity after 10.000 cycles!
  • No thermal runaway possible - unique design of the fORTELION cell ensures a maximum safety
  • Variable size, later extension possible
  • Efficiency 95%
  • Reliable under extreme conditions (e.g. German Antarctic station Gondwana)
  • Applications in tropical climate: Operating temperature 35°C, for short periods 60°C
  • Polar software: optional, charging till -10°C, discharging till -20°C
  • For grid coupled, emergency power supply and off-grid applications


All MSS Systems are pre-mounted at our site in Berchtesgaden, have a window in the front door, are lockable and equipped with wheels (Standard housing up to 10 kWh). Bridges, communication cables, battery cables, ground connecting cables are included.



Number of storage

modules 1,2 kWh each

Storage capacity

(100 % DOD usable)



Small cabinet 4 - 10 4,8 - 12,0 kWh 1085x600x600 mm
Large cabinet 4 - 16 4,8 - 19,2 kWh 1800x600x600 mm


For each cabinet 1 controller modul is needed. Up to 16 cabinets possible in one system (max. overall capacity of 307,2 kWh). For multistring systems (more than 1 cabinet) additionally 1 hub modul is needed for data exchange. Hub and controller have the same dimensions like the storage modules and are also mounted in the cabinet similarly.


MSS storage systems are compatible with:

MSS storage systems are available in many different variations as part of ENERFLEX systems. Furthermore they are compatible with inverters from Victron Energy (MulitGrid, MuliPlus, Quattro) and SMA (Sunny Island, Sunny Backup).


Safety first - for a good feeling at home

The unique cell design of the fORTELION cell guarantees a maximum safety, a thermal runaway is not possible. The self-healing characteristic is demonstrated by the short-circuit nail test below.


Durability - a sustainable investment for the next 20 years

Tested cycle lifetime at 100% DOD: 71 % of initial capacity after 10.000 cycles, 64 % of initial capacity after 16.000 cycles.

Green line: MSS storage system with fORTELION technology

Black line: conventional lithium battery



15 years on 60 % capacity at standard operating temperature -10 to +60 °C  (grid-connected or off-grid)

KFW subsidizable warranty 10 years on 80% capacity


A useful tip: If looking for a storage system, always compare the small print! Warranty is a crucial feature, which also gives the non-professional an idea of the quality and durability of a system.


Since Septemper 1st 2017 the former Sony lithium battery sector is owned by Murata. All warranty and service issues remain unchanged and are fully continued by the new owner Murata.



Datasheet MSS storage system

Safety datasheet MSS storage system

Meisl 15 year warranty MSS storage system for harsh environments -10 to +60 °C

KFW declaration Meisl


Pricelists on request.