The storage system with the easiest installation and endless opportunities

ENERFLEX is an energy storage system developed by Elektro-Mechanik Meisl. It is available a number of variations that flexibly serve the needs of almost any application:

  • Grid parallel for increasing PV self consumption and autarky
  • Zero feed-in
  • Emergency power supply (UPS function ≤20 ms)
  • Peakshaving e.g. in industrial systems
  • Off Grid power supply
  • ENERFLEX is also for BMZ and BYD systems available
  • NEW - ENERFLEX wiht Meisl-Cegasa battery - best value for money!


ENERFLEX is available in 9 basic variations, that include arleady all terminals for the respective components installed, eg. grid, AC-PV, DC-PV or diesel generator. Custom systems are designed on request.


Variation 1 - Self consumption with AC PV


Old Tollhouse Fischbach

The old tollhouse in Fischbach, Germany was renovated from the base upwards and now harbours two luxury appartements. It produces more energy than it consumes and is equipped with latest renewable energy technology. In 9 out of 12 months the energy needed is produced exclusively by solar power.

For the guests there are three Renault Zoe eletric vehicles ready to use anytime. The very special feature: The cars are charged at three charging stations using exclusively exces PV power whereas the respective available energy is distributed equally among the three cars.

System components:

  • 30 kWp PV roof mounted
  • 19,2 kWh ENERFLEX 3 AC battery storage system MSS-3Q5
  • Energy management smart1
  • 3 E-Car charging stations 22 kW each
  • Excess PV power used for hot water supply (heating rod)



Church Maria am Berg

The church Maria am Berg was built in the early 1930s in Berchtesgaden and got a structural and technological facelift in 2018. The owner - the archiepiscopal chair Munich and Freising - decided to choose a concept that can also be seen as a pathbreaking also for other churches in need of renovation. The church now produces 80% of the power needed with PV in combination with an ENERFLEX storage system. Excess PV power is fed into the local grid during the summer months. Via a smart1 energy management system heating, bells and lighting were integrated in the holistic power concept.

System components:

  • 9,88 kWp PV with Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M PV-inverter
  • 9,6 kWh ENERFLEX 1AC battery storage system MSS-1MG3
  • Energy management system smart1
  • Automated church bell ringing system
  • Excess power and time controlled heating of the seats as well as wall heating
  • Automated lighting scene control for mass, coin box that activates lighting


Peak-Shaving System Metal- and Plastic Products Putz

In Abtenau inbetween the mountains of Salzburg the metal and plastic producer MPP Putz is mainly a supplier for automobile industry and has a rigid recource management system already for many years. In 2018 the decicion to add PV and a storage system was made. The battery's main task hereby is to compensate the load peaks on the local grid (peak-shaving) as well as its UPS function for the IT systems. Part of the PV is connected according to continue producing in case of grid failure, so loads can be supplied and even batteries recharged. 

Expecially on the commercial sector peak loads are determining as the grid suppliers charge them extraodinarily high. Battery storage systems for peak-shaving applications therefore gain impact and have long become interesting from an economic point of view.

This project was planned and realised together with our partner SONNENSTROM-SALZBURG from Abtenau, Austria.

System Components:

  • 28,8 kWh ENERFLEX 3AC battery storage system MSS-3Q10
  • 95 kWp PV with SMA PV-inverters



Residential house in Berchtesgaden with heat pump

System components:

  • 10 kWp PV with Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M PV-inverter
  • 10,8 kWh ENERFLEX 3AC battery storage system MSS-3MG3
  • Automated switching of the heat pump from cheap night time tariff to PV-self consumption without further external control system needed.

Upon request we gladly offer training on planning and installation of ENERFLEX system at our homebase in Berchtesgaden.

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